Miniature of Easter Bunny ❤❤❤ :-) 

This is unique , soft and luxurious woolen miniature :-)

This is only one in the world for You :-)

I used a variate of wool colours to make feel him lifelike.

I created this cute miniature with technique of needle felting .

It is absolutely lifelike and it moves like a real bunny skeleton .

The frame gives stability and maximum mobility the sculpture head and paws .

( The ears are moving too )

She has his belly is soft and it is furry :-)

The image may be different from the original in cause of the individual settings of your monitor !!!

About dimensions of miniature :

Full height of miniature with a head is 4.33 inches .

Her eyes were made in Germany and they are totally hand-painted .

Also included small toy basket 

and felted hat :-)

Materials used:

Lama baby wool is a class LuxWool 

and it is hypo allergenic too.

I make all my work without any dyes .

(I do not paint wool. I do not do the toning.)

I put the wool in layers and make different gradations of colors .

When You will touch this miniature , it would feel maximally identically , like real living bunny hair fur :-)

The figurines are for adult collectors only ! 


(Small parts and components used !)

The miniature was created in home without cigarette smoke . 

The each item is unique :-)

I do not make copies.

All my creations are packaged in gift wooden box with my paintings (it is also collectible ) .

I hope she will give You a big happiness in your life

 and You will be smile :-)

Thank You very much for your attention :-) 

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